Coastal Carolina University Engagement || Nick + Kara

I got to know Kara through the Rice wedding and the Legere wedding where she was a bridesmaid. When she asked me to do her engagement session, I hadn’t thought about shooting at CCU since the beach is so popular in Myrtle Beach. I absolutely said yes!

Thankfully it wasn’t too hot and we found some gorgeous light. CCU’s campus is the perfect venue for engagement sessions, well manicured grounds, historic buildings and lots of cool spots to shoot. I would most definitely go back again for another session.

Coastal Carolina University

couple laughing on coastal carolina university campus
couple kissing on campus lawn coastal carolina university
couple embracing in front of flowers ccu campus
fiance throwing head back laughingembracing couple smiling coastal carolina campus
couple kissing in front of flowers coastal carolina universitycouple sitting on brick wall almost kissingengagement ring as O in LOVE scrabble letterssave the date banner coastal carolina university campus

CCU pride couple on bench smiling
Couple on CCU bridge bride behind groom
couple holding hands in middle of bride
couple holding hands on coastal carolina university bridge
couple holding hands engagement ring

Congrats Nick & Kara! Hope to see y’all at your wedding!

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